Area Practices Explained...

Our highly experienced real estate lawyers offer a complete range of services involving all aspects of real estate law, including advising on and executing contracts of sale, lease agreements, terms of acquisitions, transfers or financing.

We provide assistance to both local and international clients, and have represented the interests of both major developers in high profile development projects and small buyers alike, offering the full spectrum of services, from initial advice until finalisation of the property registration process.

We frequently deal with leases of immovable property, representing either landlords or tenants, and assist in negotiating leases and their renewals, collecting overdue and unpaid rent, advising on breach of terms and termination of leases which, in most cases, fall under the provisions of the Rent Control Laws.

In fact Kleopas & Kleopas LLC provides unparalleled service in Real Estate matters, providing our clients with the highest standard of legal advice, ensuring their position and properties are protected.

Kleopas & Kleopas LLC provides valuable contractual advice and guidance to both private and commercial clients, whatever the nature of the contract in question.

From the pre-drafting level, whereby the implications, obligations and responsibilities of the client are explained and analysed, to the drafting level, whereby our law firm makes sure that the wishes and objectives of our clients are adequately reflected in the contract, our legal team aims to provide professional advice and services so as to ensure our client’s interests are adequately protected. Our specialised team is often asked to provide advice regarding the obligations and rights of our clients concerning contracts that have already been entered into, and assessments may be provided as to the implications of any potential breach.

Our law firm is involved in drafting a wide spectrum of different types of contracts, including, but not limited to agreements for the provision of services, distribution agreements, commercial co-operation agreements, indemnity agreements and confidentiality agreements.

Our team of experienced family law lawyers advises on all issues of family law, including divorce and separation, child custody, maintenance and care disputes, adoption, cohabitation, financial provision, asset separation and management and civil partnerships. Within this delicate field of practice, we recognise the importance of acting with the utmost discretion and care, the focus of our approach being to minimise as far as possible the emotional and financial costs associated with what is, frequently, a stressful time for those involved.

We advise on all aspects of corporate and commercial law and practice. Our legal team offers a range of corporate services and provides advice from the start-up to the completion of incorporation, the annual operation, restructures and dissolutions of Cyprus companies.

Our firm provides a full range of fiduciary and nominee and trustee services. We can undertake the incorporation of a Cypriot company, or we can facilitate the acquisition of shares in an existing shelf company. We can also provide your company with a nominee secretary, nominee directors, registered office address, and nominee shareholders. In so doing, we guarantee the maximum degree of confidentiality in order to protect the identity of our clients, ensuring anonymity and privacy.

We recognise that opening and managing bank accounts can be complex and time consuming. We ensure our clients are able to focus on their main business while we handle all the paperwork and undertake on their behalf, through our contacts with major local banks, the entire process of opening and managing such bank accounts, and provide clients with bank signatories.

Furthermore, we liaise with third parties such as banks, accountants and tax advisers and we undertake routine correspondence, draft and execute resolutions, issue and safe keep certificates, powers of attorney and minutes of the company.
At all times, we ensure compliance with local regulations.

In addition to the aforementioned our corporate team has the specialised expertise and resources to negotiate and draft complex commercial agreements according to the requirements of each transaction, including, but not limited to sale of shares agreements, shareholders agreements and escrow agreements. We also represent clients before the courts whenever a court application is required to approve a corporate action or in any dispute involving corporate structures.

Our firm’s specialised team of lawyers deals with employment and labour disputes and offers a comprehensive range of legal services related to employment law issues, including, but not limited to, hiring of employees, termination of employment, illness and misconduct procedures.

We have a great deal of experience in negotiating, drafting and concluding contracts of employment, and advising on various issues arising from the Cyprus Termination of Employment Law. We are involved in litigation and represent parties before the Industrial Disputes Tribunal and the District Courts of Cyprus, whether such parties are employers or dismissed employees.

With years of combined experience, our attorneys handle all types of immigration matters for clients worldwide. Our firm deals with all matters relating to immigration law such as citizenship applications (both through the normal naturalisation process or via the Cyprus Investment Programme) and with applications for both temporary work and residence permits for Cyprus.
Under the Cyprus Investment Programme, a non-Cypriot citizen, who meets the economic criteria of the Programme, may apply for the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship. A person who has made an investment in Cyprus, therefore, provided that he/she meets certain criteria laid down under this Programme, is entitled to apply for Cyprus citizenship. This Programme offers various key advantages to foreign nationals.

For those wishing to invest in Cyprus, our law firm may assist them with their application for obtaining citizenship by investment in various ways. For instance, we may provide legal advice, assist with identifying the most effective way to invest in Cyprus according to the investor’s needs, assist with any real estate due diligence, draft or review any contracts of sale or any other agreement, assist with the opening of the investor’s Bank Account in Cyprus, act as escrow agents (if necessary) in relation to the purchase price of real estate investment, submit any relevant contract of sale to the Land Registry Office, submit the applications for naturalization on the investor’s behalf, and undertake all relevant procedures for the issuance of the investor’s passport and identity card.

In addition to the aforementioned, our law firm provides assistance to individuals who are interested in obtaining a USA green card by investing in the USA through the EB-5 program. The EB-5 program is an efficient strategy for foreign nationals looking to become permanent residents of the United States.
For more details on the exact procedure and investment requirements please feel free to contact us.

Our firm’s dispute resolution team provides specialist advice and representation on litigation, arbitration and mediation. Our lawyers have extensive experience before the Cyprus Courts and deal with highly complex cases in areas such as business, commercial and corporate law, employment law, family law, intellectual property, professional liability, administrative law and real estate.

The practice also handles arbitration and alternative dispute resolution matters. We are committed to providing value through timely and cutting- edge advice that is also commercially viable. We strive to gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, developing lasting relationships and assisting them in managing their risk, and hopefully avoiding disputes altogether. Our longstanding collaborations with numerous local and international companies from varying industries, excellent reputation and success rate in the outcome of dispute resolution matters, stand testimony to our expertise in this area of legal practice.

Through our broad range of experience, we are in a position to offer professional advice on matters such as the creation and execution of a Will and appointment of executors, as well as the drafting of trusts and asset protection structures which aim to address the individual need and circumstances of each client. Our firm also deals every year with a significant number of sizeable and complex probate cases involving immovable property. Our services range from commencing probate proceedings before the Cyprus courts to the eventual distribution of the assets to the legal heirs or, where this is required, assistance for the further sale of the property.

Our legal practice covers all aspects of trust law, including the establishment, restructuring and termination of commercial, charitable, private and purpose trusts. Our team is able to advise on matters ranging from trustee duties and liability, to trust variation resettlement and restructuring.

We regularly advise private clients and financial institutions, including national banks, on significant legal and regulatory matters. Our legal team provides advice on a broad range of issues, including loan and security transactions, secured and unsecured financing, as well as security documentation such as share pledges, floating charges, charges over assets and other securities. We are involved in the structuring, documentation and negotiation of all kinds of transactions and we provide advice on general financing for corporate and private lending, as well as any other general banking matters.

We have extensive experience in debt restructuring transactions, carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Directive on Arrears Management of 2015 of the Central Bank of Cyprus. This includes the provision of legal advice on all aspects of each transaction and the drafting and review of all relevant contracts, letters and agreements.

For many years our firm has been representing clients before the Supreme Court of Cyprus, and now, the Cyprus Constitutional Court which has assumed exclusive jurisdiction on Constitutional, Administrative and Public Law matters, by challenging decisions of public bodies on behalf of private clients.